Monday, May 18, 2009

On-Line Poker Remote Control Perfect for Comfort and Relaxation

The Poker Remote Control can make your online poker experience enjoying & more comfortable. Offering full-table control & quick "action-response", the Poker Remote Control may even improve your game. You can sit back, relax & enjoy a movie while waiting patiently for the "TOP 10"! Also, it's unique card shape is designed to fit comfortably in your hands.Advanced RF technology (reception works through walls!)

Light-Weight & Extremely Durable Design Reduce wrist pain caused by repetitive mouse use Play up to 4 Tables at once All actions work in turn, or before your turn to act Great for Hold'em Tournaments Supported by all online poker rooms 100% Table control in limit, Pot-Limit & No-Limit Poker Very Easy To Use

Perfect for any couch potato who wants a relaxing day of watching TV and playing poker at the same time.

ADX Comes out with Poker & Casino High Roller Shirts

ADX Apparel has always given MMA Mixed Martial Arts fans exactly what they want in a shirt. And now the come out with something completely different in their High Roller shirts made in complete ADX Style. Fitted soft cotton breathable shirts that not only catch you eyes but will allow complete comfort.

Each ADX High Roller Shirt has Dice, Cards, and Casino chips that give a fashionable touch on gaming. Plus an all over print that will make people think you are a High Roller yourself. Get your ADX shirts at Official Pro Sports the leader in all sports apparel.

Antonio Estanfari vs. Daniel Negeanu Heads Up Bad Beat

Horrible bad beat but great call by Antonio Estanfari versus Daniel Negeanu 2 legends of poker going heads up with alot of time and suspense.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Keeping Fit in Poker is important get a workout regiment

With poker becoming even a larger sport tournaments are getting bigger and running longer with this in mind it is important to keep fit every step of the way. It is a fact as your health diminishes your poker play will go with it. Fatigue and mental exhaustion will set in and you will not be ale to concentrate on what your opponents are doing and more importantly what you are doing. When fatigue sets in it will be harder to think about what is in your hand, counting poker ships may become a problem, and your ability to be patient will be lessened. Fitness and being healthy could be another reason why in the WPT and WSOP younger online only players are making the final tables more and more.

1. Come up with a work out program going to the gym may be your cup of tea, steppers and treadmills are great, or maybe some home exercise gym equipment. You will need probably a good 30 minutes a day cardio workout, jog, or even just take more walks. Get a total gym or even the infomercial The Bean Deluxe Ultimate Exerciser looks like a great way to keep in shape.

2. Eat better even when playing poker lay off the sodas, energy drinks, fast foods, and chips. Instead grab a sack full of fruit and vegetables natural energy will always out last a 20 hour jolt of caffeine and sugars.

3. The little things will help a lot and relieve a lot of stress such as car parking away from business or casino destinations instead of waiting for that space that is only a few feet away from the entrance, taking the stairs in stead of the elevators, or find a good outdoor activity.

The reality is that sports team whether its baseball, football, soccer, basketball, and yes even poker train to keep their bodies in great shape but also to make sure you mind never gets fatigued as well. Poker is no different in the sports world you will falter if your health is not up to snuff. Playing late night poker and losing sleep is also another way to drag you body down so make sure you are getting at least 6 to 8 hour each day. And for gods sake take a shower!

Get all of your poker gear and equipment at Official Pro Sports:

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Need a Poker Book? Make Sure you pick the right one!

There are thousands of Poker Books out in the market today and picking the right one can be extremely hard. I would suggest Doyle Brunson's Super System Doyle has been in the top ten finalist for almost any Texas hold em Poker Tournament he has played. If you are a beginner and need a shot of strategy I believe that Doyle will give you and edge until you need more for your poker game he will give you insight on just about any poker hand. And with a record like his you really can not argue his system at all.
The best way to research a poker book is if you watch poker on TV find the players that you think you would be more like. Or pick players you want to be like. Most of these Pro Poker players have a book out my favorites has always been Howard Lederer because of his straight percentage play and his ability to ready the odds after the flop or how to power play your hands no matter what. The second Player I think I am most like would have to be Phil Gordon. His video of Final Table Poker with Phil Gordon if you are more of a visual person he speaks about when he won the championship and what he was thinking from every player. This has helped me a lot to read my opponents on a daily basis from poker to business.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Theory Behind Semi-bluffing

What is semi-bluffing and why should you do it? Semi-bluffing is a crucial weapon in poker, and many players find themselves semi-bluffing much more often than trying to pull off a traditional bluff. If you don't know the principles and ideas behind semi-bluffing, you need to before you see another poker hand.

What is a Semi-Bluff?

A semi-bluff is a bet with a hand that is probably not the best right now, but has a good chance of improving to be the best. The semi-bluffing player can win in two ways. Either the opponents fold to his bet and he wins the pot uncontested, or they call and he hits one of the cards he needs to improve to the best hand, winning an even larger pot.

What Are Typical Semi-Bluffing Situations?

Generally, a semi-bluff happens when you have four cards to a flush or a straight in online Texas holdem poker. For example, you hold Ah 5h and the flop is 8h Kh 3s. If you bet and are called, you still have a chance to make a winning flush, but if no one has a king, you'll probably win the pot right now. A similar situation would be if you held Jc Qc and the flop was Ts Kh 3d.

Why Semi-Bluff?

Semi-bluffs are popular because they allow you to make a bold play, a bluff, while still leaving you an escape hatch if it doesn't work out. In addition, when a flush comes, it is often hard to get paid, because it is obvious that a flush is out there. But if you can build the pot early in the hand with a semi-bluff, you have a much better chance of getting paid off on your flush.

Things to Keep in Mind About Semi-Bluffing

Try to make sure you are drawing to the nuts or close to it when you semi-bluff. If you have 8h 9h and are semi-bluffing on a flop of 6h Qh 3c, you could be in serious trouble if your opponent is drawing to the ace or king high flush. Similarly, if you've got a straight draw and there are two of a suit out there, you could be drawing slimmer than you think.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Great starter Poker chip sets for Texas Hold'em

The most common and best starter poker chip sets are the 500 piece poker chip sets. You can start off a 10 man tournament home game table with full 1500 in chips and still have left overs for exchanging to higher denominations and more. The ships are probably the most important part of poker and if you are on a budget you can use any dining table just cover it with a good table cloth and 2 decks of cards and voila instant poker game.
Most 500 piece poker chip sets come with 2 decks of cards already and even have the blind buttons to keep track of the action. You can use and egg timer for the blinds if you are playing tournament and if you are playing cash games then chipping up will be no problem just make sure you qualify a banker.